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Antony Ferguson

    SAG - AFTRA - AEA - British Equity

      Imagination Talent Group 424 209 2577


    Film / Television:


    The Voice Whisperer:  (Lead)   Francisco Roel (Director)

    Delivery:   (Lead)  Oswald Gschliesser (Director)

    Death of Kings:  (Lead)  Joe Rosenberg (Director)

    The Immigrant: (Lead)  Yorkville Repertory Productions

    Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:  (Lead)  Works Productions

    Fahrenheit 451: (Lead)   Works Productions

    The Escape: (Supporting)  James Connelly (Director, AFI)

    The School of Demons:  (Supporting)  Alla Volkova (Director, AFI)

    Polo:  (Supporting)  Korean American Film Corporation

    Pearl:  (Supporting)  Zac Petrillo (Director)

    Crime Watch UK:   (Guest Star)   BBC

    Crime Watch UK:   (Guest Star)   BBC

    Late Night with Conan O’Brien: (Guest Star)  NBC

    The Kiss: (with George Segal)  (Guest Star)  BBC




    Look Back in Anger:  (Jimmy Porter)  The West End, London

    The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew: (Baron Bolligrew)  The West End, London

    Journey’s End: (Captain Stanhope)  42nd Street Theatre Row, NYC

    Julius Caesar:  (Mark Antony)  42nd Street Theatre Row, NYC

    Moby Dick:  (Captain Peleg)  Off Broadway (nominated for 3   Drama Desk Awards)

    The Cherry Orchard: (Lophakin) Off Broadway

    The Vortex:  (Nicky Lancaster)  Off Broadway

    The Importance of Being Earnest:  (Algernon)  Off Broadway

    The Troll Palace:  (Peter)   Off Broadway (with Ron Randell)

    Outward Bound:  (Tom Pryor)   Off Broadway

    Mousetrap:  (Sgt. Trotter)  Off Broadway

    Flare Path:   (Squadron Leader Swanson)  Theatre 40, Los Angeles

    Midsummer Night’s Dream:  (Theseus)   Off West End

    Candida:  (Rev. James Morell)  Knightsbridge Theatre, Los Angeles

    The Country Wife:  (Mr. Pinchwife)   The Ark Theatre, Los Angeles

    Noises Off:  (Freddie/Phillip)  Great Plains Theatre, KS

    Amadeus:    (Van Sweiten)    Fulton Opera House, PA

    Joyful Noise:  (Charles Jennens)  Fulton Opera House, PA

    Omnium Gatherum:  (Terence)   Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City    

    Camino Real:  (Lord Byron)  Stephen Joseph Theatre, UK    




    BA (hons) Professional Actor Training  Royal Shakespeare Company’s Conservatory

    Audition Technique:  Pat McCorkle CSA, NYC

    Advanced Acting for Film/TV:  Ron Randell, NYC

    Advanced Scene Study:  Dudley Stone, NYC


    Special Skills: Perfect Standard American dialect, all British dialects, Scottish, Irish, Australian and South African     accents. Expert in Krav Maga,    Extensive Firearms training, Certified Pilates teacher, Certified Personal Trainer,     Certified Scuba diver, Ballroom Dancing, CPR, Soccer, Rugby,      Cricket. Excellent French. ABLE TO WORK AS A LOCAL HIRE IN GREAT BRITAIN AND EUROPE   



2010 - present
2010 - present
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